“Trondheims great daughter is rewarded with a nomination for Best stage art of the year for more or less singlehandedly having saved norwegian stage art. Lie is in posession of a rare artistic sense and has made what can only be decribes as the hat trick of stage art: She writes brilliant, intelligent and strange texts, directs her own brilliant, intelligent and strange texts for theatre and also emerges as a performer in the shows. Lie has been active for years, but with the re-staging of the legendary show Blue Motell, a greater segment of people had the chance to realise what an imposing theatre maker we have in Lisa Lie.» 

– From the nomination text for Best stage art of the year, Natt & Dag (2015)


Lisa Lie is a Norwegian director, performance artist, actress, playwright and author. Her pieces exist at the intersection of performance art and text-based theater. Previously she toured internationally with the award winning performance duo Sons of Liberty, that influenced the Norwegian performance scene through a mixture of pop-culture, trash and misanthropic honesty.

In addition to her work as a director she also works as auteur with her own works; Lisa Lie / PONR.

Lie has earned great success producing work with Lisa Lie / PONR, an artistic platform where she engages different artists according to the needs of each project. Lie made the solo performance  Armless strikes back (2004)  and Woodland Games (2007/2014).

Lisa Lie was awarded the Hedda prize 2015, the most prestigious theatre award in Norway, for “special artistic achievement with Blue Motell (2003). Tnd the show was also nominated for two other Hedda awards: “Best stage text” (Lisa Lie / PONR) and “Best male supporting actor” (Kenneth Homstad) and for the National Ibsen Award 2014 for the stage text.

Lisa Lie / PONRs most recent work is I Cloni (2016), which had gotten great reviews.

Woodland Games, Blue Motell and I Cloni tours internationally.

Lie makes work in the intersection of performance art and text-based theater. Her style is close to choreography and musical composition. It is dramaturgically multilayered, with different narrative threads working simultaniously. The visual aspect is very important narrative layer and is intervowen with the text. Lie sees her work as temporary sculptures or bodies that the audience are being pulled into through a hypnotic composition of fragments

Actions and characters and fictional contracts are constantly changing. It becomes a journey through a landscape with a strong poetic logic unique to each piece, that triggers audiences to co-create.

Lie composes these spaces because she wants to create temporary realities that will continue in the audience afterwards, through the experience of liminal spaces.

Lie studied acting at the Norwegian Theatre Academy, and directing at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. She now holds a position as house playwright at Dramatikkens hus in Oslo, 2014-16.

In 2017 Lie will direct a new show at Schauspielhaus Wien, Det Norske Teatret, Oslo, and Trøndelag teater, Trondheim, with a coproduction between Teater Ibsen, Skien & Nordland teater, Mo i Rana.

Lisa Lie / PONR has received funding for the upcoming projects  FØNIX and BLUE BORDELL, production will start in late 2017.

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