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«many people liked it but they were not sure why» – feedback from OKNO festival, Poland.

Lisa Lie is a Norwegian director, performance artist, actress, playwright and author. Her pieces exist at the intersection of performance art and text-based theater. Previously she toured internationally with the award winning performance duo Sons of Liberty, that influenced the Norwegian performance scene through a mixture of pop-culture, trash and misanthropic honesty.

Lie has now earned great success as auteur and director producing work with Lisa Lie  /PONR, an artistic platform where she engages different artists according to the needs of each project. Lie made the solo performance  Armless strikes back (2004)  and Woodland Games (2007/2014).

Lisa Lie was awarded the Hedda prize 2015, the most prestigious theatre award in Norway, for “special artistic achievement with Blue Motell (2003). Tnd the show was also nominated for two other Hedda awards: “Best stage text” (Lisa Lie / PONR) and “Best male supporting actor” (Kenneth Homstad) and for the National Ibsen Award 2014 for the stage text.

Lisa Lie / PONRs most recent work is I Cloni (2016), which had gotten great reviews.

Lie draws upon choreographic and musical approaches to composition. Her works are dramaturgically multilayered, with different narrative threads working simultaniously. The compositions can be considered as a temporary sculptures or bodies, where the audience becomes part of its cycle.


Lie looks for the stories we identify with and explain our actions from- the unconscious common cultural landscapes that informs our understanding of reality. Through twisting these, things you thought you knew, resurface in a surprising form and becomes unheimlich.

The stage is transformed into a site where everything is vital at all times, the abstract and irrational is taken seriously, and hallucinations arise from the collective uncounscious. We meet characters from fairytales and the European subconscious. Especially the protestant heritage of northern Europe, with its complacency, silent rage and a fascination for joylessness.

The naive cruelty of childhood meets the ecstatic collective dimension of the carnival.
Lie juxtaposes the idea of the carnival with the northern protestant heritage with its preference for joylessness. Acknowledging the connection between ecstasy and cruelty, and combining this with the efervescent apathy of the north.

Lie studied acting at the Norwegian Theatre Academy, and directing at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. She held a position as house playwright at Dramatikkens hus in Oslo, 2014-16.

Lisa Lie / PONR has received funding for the upcoming projects  FØNIX and BLUE BORDELL, production will start in late 2017.


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