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“Under Sons of Liberty’s blasé remoteness lurks something far more scary, and the thought of a society ruled by Sons of Liberty is both terrifying and exciting “. Dagsavisen

 “Lie og Kajaso compose the scenic situastion with everything they have available and come through as maximalistic stage artists who worship sensuality “Bergens Tidende newspaper

A scenic picture book made of highlights from your worst nightmares, from us to you: You are being hunted by a vampire and you run even though your feet are stuck. Suddenly you tumble down a never ending pit with no end, the clown with sharp pointed teeth hunts you, the werewolf hunts you, Margaret Thatcher hunts you WITH HER ALZHEIMER and no one can hear you scream. You drown but cannot swim; the water is filling your throat. You are being terrified by two long stringy hands sticking up between the wall and the bed, you notice them in the corner of your eye just when you are about to fall asleep. Your mother turns around but she isn’t your mother anymore but a meat-eating witch in a hammock. The fox comes around and sedates you with chloroform. You fall down a cliff and regret. You think you found your keys, but when you wake up they are still gone. Pre Sang real: Sons of Liberty 4 explore myths about the underworld and heaven, sea, hell and re-create them in short glimpses. From climax to climax like in a fairy tale, everything else is unimportant. No bridges in between, no stuffing. Intensity with no breathing space. You try to come up to surface but are being blocked by a layer of angry fish.

Text og dramaturgy: Stina Kajaso and Lisa Lie Performers: Stina Kajaso and Lisa Lie Directing: Sons of Liberty Sound: Sons of Liberty Costumes: Sons of Liberty Scenography: Sons of Liberty Scenography assistants: Jonas Gazell and Helena Thunell Lighting: Sons of Liberty Supported by: The Arts Council Norway Produsenter: Kulturbyrået Mesén Co-produced by BIT Teatergarasjen (Bergen International Theatre) and Black Box Theater