“… in the middle of the streaming abundance og art and kitsch, thrash and style, flows a baroque will to explore the longing for love, loneliness and death.”                                   Dagbladet, newspaper

Swamped in Sensation dives down into the world of porn and romantic novels and shines a light on our brain-washed hunt for Happiness and Love, presented in a way that would make you run away screaming if you got what you thought you wanted. The performance deconstructs the illusion of the love that you have yearned for, without stripping away all hope. This is about humanities inner will to be raped, delivered in a loving, caring way. Porn and romantic novels have one thing in common: they all present the idea that what all men and women really want is for someone stronger than them to push them into the mattress and deliver them from all responsibility for their own lives. This is pure and undiluted entertainment. A fairy tale with no ending in sight. Sodomy and Goodmorning. We frolic in wretchedness and nastiness to provide you with a better dawn. Goth against evil, the pretty against the ugly. Like a gang war à la West Side Story, like Madonna’s dirty Erotica-universe. We are Vikings with balloon pants scaring the hell out of our selves. This is theatre as extreme sport. The ambition is to cleanse and clean. To give you everything you might need, no more, no less: comforting, pleasure, love, alcohol.

Text and dramaturgy: Lisa Lie and Stina Kajaso Performers: Stina Kajaso, Lisa Lie, Jan Gunnar Røise, Rolf Arly Lund Direction: Lisa Lie og Stina Kajaso Costumes: Sons of Liberty Scenography: Christina Lindgren Lighting: Kaja Glenne Lund Produced in collaboration with Torshovteateret- The National Theatre of Norway. Supported by: The Arts Council Norway.