Little Eyolf by Henrik Ibsen. The show opened at Rogaland theatre in Stavanger (NO).

Reviewers and audiences embraced the show.  Andreas Wiese writes in Dagbladet (NO) that  «the show is experienced as a visual journey through urges, dreams and needs.»

Little Eyolf is one of Ibsens last plays and maybe his most mystical. In Little Eyolf we enter behind the polish family facade to be confronted with the question ” Are we brave enough to live a life in honesty?” This is the story of a family losing a child and in the aftermath of the tragedy all the unsaid things start to bloat and explode. Suddenly the individual members of the family are tried for their actions and repressed wishes.

Director: Lisa Lie, Scenography and costumes: Marte Ekhougen, Visuall consultant: Tobias Leira, Mask: Jill Tonje Holter
Actors: Mattias Lech, Marianne Holter, Helga Guren, Svein Solenes, Gretelill Tangen, Ingrid Rusten, Nicholas Herrem/Emma Lola Ihle/Niclas Christoph Piel.