Ad undas – Solaris korrigert is a new opera by Øyvind Mæland,  libretto by Øyvind Mæland and Lisa Lie based on Øyvind Rimbereids poem from 2004, where Rimbereid has created a futuristic north sea language. The poem has been included in the list of the 25 most important literary works in norwegian. The opera opened in the Norwegian Opera House.

The Opera describes a dystopic future, where the oil wells have dried up, the platforms have long since sunk and the old city centres are detoriorating. We are in Stavgersand in the year 2480. This is a world where survivalism rules. The plan is to secure a place at the bottom of the ocean, where a new, safe  «mirrorvorld» is being created, sheltered from poison and other dangers on the surface. But how will humans be able to live there in a world only represented by images on screens? And what will happen to those who stay on the surface?Og hva vil skje med de som blir igjen?

The Opera was a guest production from The Academy of Opera at The Oslo National Academy of the Arts, a co-production between The Academy of Opera, Norwegian Academy of Music, Norwegian Theatre Academy at Østfold University College and The Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Music: Øyvind Mæland, Libretto: Øivind Rimbereid, Øyvind Mæland og Lisa Baudouin Lie, Musical director: Per Sigmund Thorp, Directing:Lisa Charlotte Baudouin Lie, Scenography: Simona Bieksaite, Costumes: Tove Berglund, Lighting design: Magnus Mikaelsen, Video: Tobias Leira and Chris Erlbeck, with solists from Tha Academy of Opera and the Norwegian Academy of Music symphony orchestra.