NMTs (New Music Trondheim) Christmas Opera “Knekkende Julenøtter”, in collaboration with Trondheim Sinfonietta and Alpaca Trio. A contemporary christmas opera in three parts, the 10th christmas concert by NMT.

Three pairs of composers and writers have created one act each, with no limitations concerning the material. The result is an opera outside the norm- with roots into the future, the past and into christmas itself.

Composers: Trygve Brøske, Lasse Marhaug and Maja S.K. Ratkje, Librettist: Tale Næss, Tom Løberg and Arild Vange, Solists: Anne-Lise Berntsen and Andreas Elvenes, Actors: Trond Peter Stamsø Munch, Madeleine Nilsen and Tor Haugerud, Video- and lighting design: Pekka Stokke, Musical direction: Lars-Thomas Holm, Direction: Lisa Charlotte Baudouin Lie, Musicians from Trondheim Sinfonietta, Alpaca Ensemble and other strong profiles in contemporary music in all its forms and expressions.
Supported by the Norwegian cultural council,  Trondheim kommune, NMT and FFUK.