Better to cut it off than to go through life  (Det er bedre å kappe det av enn å gå gjennom livet)

By Ole Johan Skjelbred, based on texts of Lisa Lie

«Surreal, apocalyptic fairytale where grandiose exaggeration and tender poetry live side by side (…) »

Ole Jacob Hoel, Adresseavisen newspaper (2016)

«Hairy tales of Lisa Lie (…) A recognizable, yet innovative theatre (…) luxuriant, complex and inventive»

Amund Grimstad, Klassekampen (2016)

The acclaimed director Ole Johan Skjelbred, deals with the rich text of Lisa Lie.

“A fucking labyrith. Full of mazes. Love branching and reaching and feverish fantasies. A twisted lake og blood, tears, semen and body fluids. A search for a kind of center, a goal, a plague, love, warmth, intensity” av blod, tårer, sæd og sekreter. En søken mot et slags midtpunkt, et mål, en svøpe, kjærligheten, varmen, intensiteten,» writes Trøndelag theatre in their program text.

One must ready the senses to be able to delve into and interpret this strange view of the world, turned inside out. Lie’s univers is complex and twisted. In the show Better to cut it off than to go through life reigns sexuality, darkness and fairytale perspectives. The norm is deviant.

In a limitless humoristic, and at the same time poetic and tender text we meet the siamese twins Red and Snow, separated at birth. The strong ties between them leads to a wished for re-encounter, that could have been a happy ending from a popular magazine, but ends up having fatal consequences.  Walking threaths like wolves, demons and death are not really needed, as the humans seem to be able to destroy themselves without their help.

Who between us can say with sincerity that one doesn’t at regular intervals need a corrective, or at least an escape from what is defined as collectively true?  Who defines these thruths that shape our lives? Some times it would be good to let these uncanny things challenge us in a search for something real.

An view of the world with the inside on the outside?

Duration: 1 hour and 35 minutes

Diection: Ole Johan Skjelbred. Costume design: Ane Aasheim. Lighting design: Stein Jørgen Øien. Actors: Hildegunn Eggen as Dead, Kathrine Thorborg Johansenas Red and Karl-Vidar Lende as Snow.

The show premiered at the Studio stage of Trøndelag theater in Trondheim (NO) the 15th of april 2016  and played from the 15th of April- 27th May 2016.